Barkfest & Dogsitters

Our first few years in Missoula, Julie and I travelled back to the Bay Area frequently, and occasionally we had to leave Madison overnight for a day or two.  A new boarding place opened that offered lots of group time with personal sleeping quarters at night.  It sounded great, and we left her there a couple of times.

Once when I picked her up, the receptionist gave me a note as we were settling the bill.  It said Madison had been subjected to a time-out for starting a barkfest!  While a little funny, it didn’t sound like my Madison unless she was nervous, and the next time I left her, when I picked her up, she couldn’t wait to leave.  No more doggie hotels for her, only doggie in-home sitters.

In 2004 we took a three week vacation to Europe and had a very tough time finding someone to stay with Maddie.  Ultimately I thought of a friend in California who might like to spend a few weeks in Missoula given free room and board and an excellent companion in Madison.  A little to my surprise, he said yes.  To this day we sometimes come across notes he left in one of our local hiking books, and it reminds us that Maddie had some nice expeditions without us!

Maddie had her share of excellent Dog Sitters, day and overnight.  In no particular order: JF, KR, ER, RS, B&K, J&B, BL, BS, A, the J family, J, and probably a few I have overlooked.  To all of you, many many thanks.

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