Puppy Friend


Maddie and Hugger playing.

I don’t remember how Maddie and Hugger first met.  Probably on a walk since Hugger was a young Black Lab who lived a few houses up from us.

Our front door has a side window, and one day I noticed Hugger sitting on the porch looking expectantly at the door.  Maddie saw I was looking at something, and then she saw Hugger too.  She started to wag, I let her out, and they played in our front yard for the next half hour.

Have you ever seen young dogs play? It’s all teeth and neck and submissive and dominant; one on its back, one on its feet.  And in the case of Hugger and Maddie, taking turns.  When she finally came in her neck was soaked, and she was exhausted.  And for about the next year, Hugger would occasionally appear at our front door, asking if Maddie could come out to play.

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